Important to have good oxidation protection in Omega-3 products


Omega-3 and Omega-6 are unsaturated fatty acids in need of protection from oxidative stress (rancidity) caused by free radicals in and outside the body. Oxidative stress is a chemical process that can hurt and kill cells. Free radicals can be stopped by effective biological antioxidants (flavonoids) that can found in fruit and vegetables. Good protection needs a daily intake of 5-9 portions of fruit and vegetables since the flavonoids cannot be stored. They are continuously excreted from the body via the liver.

Almost all marine Omega-3 products use vitamin-E as an additive to protect Omega-3 from oxidation. Vitamin-E is an effective protector as long as the products are found on the shelf in your store. As soon as the products enter your body, Vitamin-E has no longer any preventing effect against heart- anc vascular diseases. This is a well documented in an extensive American study (1), presented at the American Heart Association Congress in November 2008. The study is based on the results from 14 641 American doctors taking Vitamin-E (and Vitamin-C) as a dietary supplement during a ten year period (1997-2007).  Corresponding results can also be found in Nordic clinic studies on the heart’s health, where the scientists have compared the preventing effect of Vitamin-E with antioxidants from special cold-pressed olives (2).


In order to protect the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation in your body, ArcticMed Omega-3 Premium uses effective biological antioxidants (flavonoids) from a specially chosen type of olives. The health effects of the flavonoids from the olives are thouroughly documented in a number of studies (3-10). Through a specially constructed formula in ArcticMed Omega-3 Premium, the flavonoids and the Omega-3 strenghten each other and protect the body against negative effects (oxidation) of polyunsaturated fat (2). 


ArcticMed Omega-3 Premium have a superior resistance force against provoked rancidity (oxitation) thanks to the unique mix of stabile high quality Omega-3 fish oil (EPA+DHA) and a uniquely cold pressed olive oil with high contents of bio active flavonoids as well as anti-inflammatory substances.



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